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The Tilly was a typical British wartime improvisation in the face of adversity. The motor industry took a standard production saloon car and converted it into a small pick-up/utility truck. They were grossly underpowered with very limited cross-country ability, but they served throughout the war with all of the British armed forces. Although their role was largely overshadowed by the much later appearance of the more famous Jeep, all of the Tillys did sterling work. Indeed, they stayed in production throughout the war years. In photographs from many theatres of war they can be found somewhere in the background. From Dunkirk to the Battle of Britain, from D-Day to the liberation of the Netherlands, on Malta, in North Africa and the Balkans, they were always present.


To present day owners of the few survivors, they are very special little vehicles, largely overlooked by the majority of the military vehicle community. The Tilly Register exists to bring Tilly owners together. One of our prime purposes is to log and locate all surviving vehicles. Through our quarterly magazine, Tilly Text, owners and members can learn from other owners' experiences, share in their knowledge, advertise their wares and even learn a little of the vehicle's history.


All four marques of Tilly – Austin, Hillman, Morris and Standard – are catered for, as well as the little Austin 8 Tourer which is a close relative of the Austin Tilly. The Register was founded in 1996 by John Simpson and Mike Winter, both of whom own, or have owned, all four marques. Since the early days, the Register has gone from strength to strength with members all over Europe and also as far afield as Australia. The late Mike Winter stepped down in 2004 ans his place was taken by Mike Shackleton. John and Mike are always keen to hear from fellow owners and their contactdetails can be found here.